Komitet Strajkowy


Komitet Strajkowy is a workwear clothing company established, linked and inspired by the Polish city of Łódź. The town’s rich history built its foundation in the 1820’s with the settlement of Silesians weavers and reinforced it in the mid 1830’s with the introduction of steam powered weaving looms. Łódź was then a part of the Russian empire and their main supplier in textile until Poland regained independence in 1918.

The city’s fast growing and multicultural environment nicknamed Łódź “the city of four cultures”, due to the Polish, Russian, German and Jewish immigration. In the beginning of WW1 the place was one of the worlds densely populated industrial city. In the 1920’s the rapid evolution of the city decreased. The great depression of the 1930’s, custom war with Germany, Bolshevik revolution and Russian civil war ended one of eastern most profitable trades and lead to worker social movement and uprising.

It is in this era of agitated political time and the rich cultural past of Łódź that we are finding our inspiration. It could not be a better place to create a workwear collection, we are literaly overwhelmed and surrounded by the past, abandoned factories and ruins can be counted by hundreds around our production facilities in the center of Łódź.