Fabrication Locale

Fabrication Locale is a hat and cap brand. We are inspired by the ”good old times”, when men and women did not dare to go out ”uncovered”, when your headdress was synonymous with your place of birth, job, social group or your mood.

The good old times when there where small workshops and hat makers that would custom make or provide you the hat that you needed or dreamt off. Our models are inspired by classics, within subculture or social groups like workers, outdoors men, adventurers like old times colonial’s adventurers, travelers and soldiers. Our products are hand made, in small workshops by old timers craftsmen or their new instructed generation keeping the work made with passion and attention for details like it was done before and is supposed to be done.

At Fabrication Locale we are using only the finest materials, like hand woven fabrics, manual jacquard woven fabrics, waxed cotton, linen, premium twill and limited quantities vintage fabrics like military sail or shelter cloth for example.

The name Fabrication Locale is a term used in French militaria to describe an item that was not contracted by the army, but rather by a small group like a battalion unit or a soldier, to fulfill a need or to have an unconventional piece of uniform to strengthen the corps spirit within the group.